Wax Sticks

Set of 2 or 5 sealing wax sticks
Easy to use glue gun format

Each stick is 0.44" diameter and a 4" length, and will make around 10 one inch seals

Choose wax color from the dropdown below
Choose quantity of 2 or 5 sticks from the dropdown below

Made in Canada

These Sealing wax sticks are meant to be used with a full size low temperature glue gun.

We recommend using a separate glue gun for each color, or you can use a normal/clear glue stick to clean some of the left over color in your glue gun. (i.e. if you are using gold wax and want to switch to using Rosa, you will end up with a swirl of gold and rose if glue gun is not cleaned properly)

This item has a processing time of 4-5 business days before it leaves our studio.

Shipping times are separate, and vary depending on method and destination. More details provided at checkout.

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