Ribbed Candlestick - Dinner Table Candles



Dimensions: Each candle is 25cm tall, diameter 2.5cm diameter at base and 100g. Burning time - almost 2h. 

The sculptural candles are designed for decorative purposes .

INGREDIENTS: SOY WAX, FRAGRANCE OIL , DYE , COTTON WICK. Being derived from natural resources, these candles are  eco friendly, vegan friendly and biodegradable. Natural waxes do not release toxins when lit. The sculptural candles  will burn for a short time if you decide to light them. Wax spillage is expected, make sure you place them  on a heat resistant, deep tray or dish. Please allow slight color difference due to different monitors and lighting environments.

Due to being handmade, each candle will be unique, air bubbles may be present.

This item has a processing time of 4-5 business days before it leaves our studio.

Shipping times are separate, and vary depending on method and destination. More details provided at checkout.

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